Becks Driving School

My name is Becks and I am a female driving instructor based in Nottingham, offering cheap driving lessons to people of all abilities and ages. I teach lessons on a one to one basis in order to build your confidence, give you the skills to become a great driver and above all, pass with pride.

Before You Book / Your First Lesson

Before you book your first lesson you must ensure that you have a valid driving license (both the photo card and counterpart). You must bring these with you to your first lesson. You must be able to read a car number plate from 20.5m. If you need glasses to do this, you must wear them for driving.

Booking Lessons

When booking your lessons you must ensure that you are available at the time and date that has been arranged.

Lesson fees may increase at any time without prior notice.

You must agree a pick up and drop off place at the time of booking. If this does change it may be necessary to shorten the lesson in order to make the alternative destination(s).

Becks' Driving School will contact you the evening before your lesson/test.

If you do not reply an assumption will be made that you no longer require the appointment. In this situation you will need to contact Becks' Driving School to arrange your next lesson and it will not be guaranteed that you will have your regular slot. In addition any costs incurred by you (lesson/test fees) may not be refunded by Becks' Driving School.


If for any reason you need to cancel a lesson you MUST contact Becks' Driving School giving at least 24 hours notice. If you fail to do this you may be charged for the lesson as if it went ahead. As a result of this it may be necessary for you to pay for future lessons at the time of booking.

If you persistently change the time/date of your lessons Becks' Driving School reserve the right to refuse new bookings.

Becks' Driving School will not be held responsible for any claims, expenses or losses incurred due to our inability/refusal to provide a car for a lesson or test.


Payment is accepted by cash or cheque. All payments must be cleared before the start of the lesson.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

If at anytime you are suspected to be under the influence of drugs (prescription or otherwise) or alcohol, Becks' Driving School will refuse to take you for your lesson/test. No refund will be given for lost lesson/test fees. Becks' Driving School reserves the right to refuse further lessons and/or tests if you are suspected to be under the influence.


You must wear suitable clothing for your driving lesson(s) and test. If you arrive to either of these wearing inappropriate clothing you will be asked to change your clothing. This includes footwear. Becks' Driving School reserves the right to refuse to take you on your lesson and/or test.


Test dates and times must be agreed before booking to ensure that the car is available. You must take all relevant documentation with you to your test.

Five hours of tuition is required before you are able to use a Becks' Driving School car for your test. Becks' Driving School reserves the right to refuse the use of the car for any test at any time.